Product Review

Zumio: Precision Matters

When I think about a sex toy … one specific kind of image comes to mind. Something bright colored and phallic-shaped, that vibrates. And indeed, this is how we might describe most vibrators. Except for the Zumio.



Opening the Zumio and pulling out the toy results in one kind of reaction: tipping your head sideways in confusion. This toy, which fit comfortably in my palm, slightly longer than my hand, was unlike anything I had seen before

First Impressions

The Zumio is sleek and a sexy dark purple color. It is soft to the touch, kind of like velvet. But my first thought was just, “What in the…” — my head cocked sideways in confusion. Because while the handle of the toy looks pretty standard, the tip of the toy is bizarre. 

At the tip of the Zumio is a very thin rod, with a little ball on the end — like a Q-Tip or antenna of sorts. It looks like the exact opposite of most vibrators, which have a big round end for maximum surface area coverage.

So even just looking at the Zumio, I got the idea that this thing is about precision. And it is — this toy was designed for precise clitoral stimulation, making it one of the most unique toys I’ve ever seen… And then I turned it on.

The Zumio has only three buttons: a power button, an up button, and a down button. I admire the sophistication of this gadget. I couldn’t believe two things: one, how much power that little ball-tip has and two, that it was only level one of eight.

Yet another contrast point: this toy actually uses rotation instead of vibration. I like the sounds of that, but to be honest – it just feels like vibration. Strong and precise vibration. Testing it out on my finger told me I was in for a ride.

Using the Zumio

The Zumio is intended to be used with a water-based lubricant. The tip is designed for clitoral stimulation, but the rod is also quite pleasant. I imagine that this toy is best for those of us with a clitoris, but I’m sure the Zumio could be pleasurable on other genitalia given a little creativity. It’s 100% not an insertion toy. But other than these few notes, the Zumio is really easy to use. It’s not rocket science…

But it does feel like a rocket. When I started playing with the toy, I had the same thoughts as when I opened the box, “What in the…” It felt so, very, insanely good. And not like any other vibrator. The precision factor is truly unique and creates rich, intense sensations that (for me at least) led to quick orgasm.

I think most likely, this toy feels best around the clitoris versus on it directly. For me, it was way too strong for direct contact. But on the side felt delightful. And because it’s so precise in one area, I found that a second and even third orgasm was way more accessible than with other toys or self-play.

Having such success on my own, I was excited to try it with my male partner. I was curious how it would be to use the toy on my clitoris alongside penetration. When we played with the toy together, my partner really loved using the toy on me to warm things up. And whereas with other toys I find that my partner sometimes misses the mark, I was feeling a ton of pleasure with him working the toy on me.

During actual penetration, this toy was more complicated than I would have wanted. It’s great if your partner’s body isn’t in a position where you’re rubbing together. The toy doesn’t work that way. It needs space to work it’s magic. This toy is great for spooning kind of positions, or all-fours; any place where you can have space for your hand and the toy to move freely on your body

Caring For the Zumio

In alignment with its minimalist look, the care for this toy is also super minimal. Clean normally with soap or a toy spray (not that it gets too dirty) and dry. The Zumio comes with a docket for charging that has a swanky orange glow. It charges quickly and holds the charge for over an hour of play. Truly, easy-peasy.

While the box promises that the toy is whisper-quiet, I wouldn’t really say that’s accurate. It sounds like any other vibrator I’ve had. And you’d have to use discretion if you didn’t have a lot of privacy. 

The Zumio comes with a case that, once inside, looks seriously discreet. If I stumbled across it — I don’t think I would assume it was a sex toy. Maybe a ninja weapon, or a really fancy electric toothbrush. If you’re a sucker for aesthetic, you’ll admire the design of this toy.

The Final Verdict

If you’re considering getting the Zumio — pull the trigger! This toy is my favorite for clitoral stimulation, by far. It’s fun to use and pleasure is guaranteed — with each orgasm feeling a little different.

The Zumio is versatile, fun for partner play, and very high quality. I really can’t imagine a better toy for myself. Get this toy as a refreshing option from your classic vibrator. Just be ready for a little bit of shock and awe when you open the box, and more so when you turn it on.