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Who is Lilly?

The Story of Lillith

According to ancient folklore, Lillith was the original Woman. Initially, God created Adam and Lillith together from the earth. Lillith saw herself as an equal, and a partner, rather than simply a helper. She showed herself equal to Adam and refused to become subservient. “They … began to quarrel. Adam said: ‘You lie beneath me.’ And Lilith said: ‘You lie beneath me! We are both equal, for both of us are from the earth.”Ultimately, Lillith demanded to be considered a woman in her own right and would not give her power to Adam. Lillith decided to leave the garden to gain her own independence, and Adam asked God for a new wife, one who would obey him. 

““Each of us has a bit of Lilith in us”

Traditionally Lilith means ”the night”, and she is related to attributes connected with the spiritual aspects of sensuality and freedom.

“Each of us has a bit of Lilith in us.  A bit of a voice, when silence is expected of us.   A bit of a desire for freedom from the conventional fences others erect around us.  A bit of a need for equality, when we’ve been taught, as early as when we were children or young girls, that we are not quite equal.  Yes, we all possess a bit of Lilith’s unacceptable rebelliousness in us, which believe me, requires more than a bit of courage”*